Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Bigger Picture

As I mentioned in my first blog, you really need to see the bigger picture as to what dyslexia/dyspraxia is and the other things that make up the condition apart from reading/spelling/ clumsiness.


My memory is weird I can remember things in years gone by in great depth visually and quote conversations which have happened years ago. I'll often say to my friends things like do you remember in year 8 when such a thing happened and they'll be like no Rosie we don't. But my short term memory is awful, forever forgetting where I've put my phone, often end up asking my mum where I've put things as I have not got a clue. Useless at remembering things like birthdays and times, and takes me a while to remember names although very good with faces. Lists, lists and lists are my best friend and thankfully my boyfriend has an equally rubbish memory so we try and remember things for each other.

Time management

My boyfriend says I'm the worst procrastinater ever we always end up leaving to go out a lot later than planned. Remind you of a certain member of The Saturdays? haha. The amount of times my mum will end up rushing down the motorway when I've got a train to catch as I'm running behingd shedule too.

Sensory Overload

A lot of people with dyspraxia and dyslexia may find that they are sensitive to light noise or various textures. I can't stand the texture of silk next to my skin. It often can make being in noisey environments quite overwhelming such as bars and clubs. I find it quite hard when in a big social group who are having conversations to  focus on one conversation it's like their all wizzing around and add backing music and you've lost me.

Spacial Awareness

I must spend half my time when shopping or in crowds of people appologising for bumping into people as sometimes I'm clueless to where my body is, my legs are often covered in bruises too as tables and objects seem to like to walk into me. I also wait for the road to be completely clear as sometimes I can't judge the distance between myself and cars. God help me when I learn to drive (you will be advised nearer the time to keep of the road.)

Even though these things can be annoying at times, they bring a lot of humour especially in my relationship, there never is a dull moment.

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