Friday, 11 January 2013

Dyslexia in the media

On Monday there was 2 programmes which both featured dyslexia, so I thought I'd write a blog about them and what I thought.

The first was My dyslexic Mind which was on the CBBC Newsround website and also has an interactive feature on the website for others to see what it's like tobe dyslexic. I thought that was a great way for especially younger people who may have younger siblings or people in their class to understand what it's like to have the condition. I love especially that it has a feature on memory, as it's something which is often forgotten about in documentaries. Alot of people don't realise what an issue memory can be for anyone with dyslexia and related conditions. My memory has got me into quite a few pickles over the years, some amusing some not so. I think my mum's dreaded words from  me must be "mum have you seen where I've put...." then that leads to me turning my bedroom upside down trying to find things. It often takes me a few attempts to remember what I've come upstairs/ downstairs for. I once was taking my dog for a walk and tied her up outside a shop and had walked all the way home when my mum wondered "where was Bess?" yer you've guessed it I'd left her outside the shop ooopsie. So I think it's so important people are made aware about memory and I have lots of admiration for Mollie from The Saturdays for being so open about how rubbish hers is, really makes you feel that you're not on your own. The documentary was simple and effective and showed any young dyslexic viewers that they weren't stupid but that their brains are wired differently and that there's so many different careers that people can go into.
The game can be found here
and the documentary

The second programme, 'My Secret Past, Shane Lynch - dyslexic' which aired on Channel 5, features Boyzone's singer-songwriter Shane Lynch who gives us a personal account of dyslexia. Shane shares with us a secret; he struggles to read and write. I used to be a huge Boyzone fan back in the day- I thought I was going to marry Ronan Keating when I was a little girl haha (sorry Matt.) So I was really interested to see this documentary. It really showed what people had to deal with a few years ago before dyslexia was so well known, so many older adults in the UK (and quite a few younger people these days) really struggle and have such a difficult time before dignosis and also unsimpathetic teachers maybe not helping. But again it was great seeing the condition getting so much awareness.
The link to the programme is

If you think you any difficulties and you're too scared to talk to talk to anyone be brave and talk to someone, I know it's hard when nobody you know may have any difficulties but the sooner you get help the better not only will it make you feel better, you'll see improvements in any work you do. Never let anything hold you back and stop you from doing anything you want to, enjoy living your life but at the same time never be scared to be open or scared to go for help.
If you ever need any help/advice feel free to tweet/ DM on twitter and I'll be pleased to help.
Thanks for reading this and stay strong!

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