Monday, 21 January 2013

The penguin comes back

I'm sure many of us have had snow over the last few days and so have I. Which means one thing the return of the penguin walk. The penguin walk is basically me trying and sometimes unsuccessfully to navigate snow/ice in an uncordinated fashion, in short snow and ice and dyspraxia do not really mix. At times it can make dyspraxic people feel really anxious as our balance isn't great when the pavements are clear. I thought I'd share some of the hints/tips I have to cope in the snow to anyone who may find it difficult most importantly is a sense of humour.
1. Don't feel you have to rush/walk fast to keep up with others.
2. It may not be the sexiest of foot wear but walking boots can make you feel a lot more stable on your feet.
3. I got last year some metal grips for my shoes which dig in the snow which are quite handy.
4. Don't feel scared to tell others your scared of falling/ explain why it makes you anxious, hopefully they will understand and walk more at your pace or give you a hand if you think you'll fall.
Hope these may help some of you, in the mean time I'll be rocking the Pingu moves.

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