Wednesday, 27 March 2013


To look at me I seem a normal person well despite being very tall and maybe not when having a bad hair/skin day. But to look at me you would have no idea I had dyspraxia/dyslexia. Look around you there will be so many people who have hidden conditions both adults and children. But so many people are misunderstood or don't recieve the right help because their difficulties can't be seen. They can often be labelled lazy, untidy, careless even stupid. Time after time being said "I know you can do better" or "why is this so untidy you obviously don't care." A lot of people don't even consider that someone might have a hidden condition which might limit them from doing things or struggle slightly with. Often the many positive qualities that person may posses may be forgotten about and simply focus on the negative. This can be really detrimental to a persons confidence and self esteem which already may be low. When you meet someone or meet children try and be understanding, you never know what hidden condition they may be hiding and bring out the positives in them at the same time.

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