Friday, 16 August 2013

Take Two Minuites

I've decided to call this blog "take two Minuites" because it's so easy these days especially with how huge social media is to assume something about someone without properly knowing them or knowing the bigger picture of a situation. It's quite easily to assume someone does something in a certain way through being lazy or not caring about themselves or may just be a rude awkward person.  In the mass media the main struggles which are often documented are those relating to education and struggling at school and maybe having a difficulty with reading or spelling or numeracy. Often there's a huge bigger picture than that. It's quite easy if you've never experienced something or not known someone in close contact to you to not understand how something can effect someone. It can be particularly easily to assume about someone if they have a hidden condition as the difficulties or symptoms are not visible to the outside world. If someone breaks their leg they have it in pot or if someone needs glasses try wear them to make life easier. You never know what someone is secretly battling especially in the world of social media. It's so easy to forget what has happened before in the day for someone for a lot of people coming in something like Facebook and twitter etc is as form escapism after maybe a busy day at work or so you can switch off from eveything. The message behind this blog is just think for a little bit before you might judge or assume something about someone you don't know what is going on in somebody's life or maybe they have a medical or hidden  which may make their behaviour slightly different to how society expects. We all are unique individuals with a pattern of weaknesses and strengths nobody is "perfect" try and see someone's positives more than their weaknesses. You never knew what an amazing person they might be once you get to know them.

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