Monday, 9 February 2015

Mollie King Birthday Fundraiser 2015- who inspires you?

Hello, firstly I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated to Mollie's fundraiser this year so far, know The Saturdays themselves aren't doing much so everything has gone quite quiet on that front, and I know everyone has such busy lives at the moment with work, uni, school, and money being in short demand every penny is gratefully recieved and will make a huge difference.

As with last year where I wrote a blog about Mollie's fundraiser for Dyslexia Action, where we raised an incredible £550, I thought I woluld write a blog about this years fundraiser. Now some of you are probably reading this and thinking Mollie isn't my favourite or that you're not a huge fan of some of the fashion things she does, fair enough completley undertstandable. On Friday as part of my Dyspraxia Foundation speech I spoke about who inspires me. Two of the biggest inspirations in my life have always been my grandparents, they've instilled some of the values I have today and I hope to make them proud. Despite both having heart problems and my grandad having a heart attack (I'm not going to go into too much depth about what they struggled with as they weren't the kind of people who would want their lives plastered over social media I hope people will undertand this- if you want to know more please do ask.)  They were so determined, they had a lot of mobility and sight isses too, they never complained, just got on with lives, had a smile on their faces, didn't sit there feeling sorry for themselves or wanting attention. My grandad was Irish and had the most amazing sense of humour he had me in stitches every time I went over to see them. When I waas younger I used to help them as much as I could and try and make life so much easier for them. They were two of the most genuine, kind people you could meet. This fundraiser is to celebrate their lives and at the same time raise awareness for the amazing charity work The BHF do.

Now we come onto Mollie, Mollie's determination has always been something which has inspired me, she's sometimes maybe never been the best at everything but has always been determined to not let things hold her back in life or give things a go or try out opportunities.  She's also one of the most caring appreciative people I've met in life a really lovely lady, I'm sure anything you can donate will mean a lot to her.

Now it comes to me, I pride myself on being a determined person and  the lessons my grandparents have taught me in life have shaped me into who I am. This fundraiser this year is all about celebrating people who never give up, maybe you know someone who never gives up. Determination is such an inspiring quality, which should be embraced, my grandparents may no longer be here, but I hope this makes them proud.

To donate or Text MKBF87 to 70070 thank you so much!

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