Tuesday, 7 April 2015

There is so much more to someone than their labels

Following on from my blog about disclosure I thought I would write a blog about seeing past the labels and not letting them define you or other people you might know, I just think it's so important to see past labels and see the person and get to know the person. When you have a different way of thinking, disability or mental health issue or a combination of all different things.

Whilst I think it's so important that others are aware of the impact on how much something can effect someone in different situations and awareness is so important, but you should never define someone or refer to someone as their struggles. In life I've been seen as "Rosie the dyspraxic" or "Rosie the anxious dyspraxic" I spent 2 years in a job where all I was seen as was someone who had lables attached to me and it has such a detrimental effect on my mental wellbeing. Whilst dyspraxia/dyslexia has had a huge impact in my life, brought many strengths to me, has been something I've spent many years studying about and raising awareness will always be something I will be very passionate about,  I'm very proud of thinking in a different way I've also met some incredible people through the awareness work I've done. But is the only thing worth knowing about someone is their labels? They are not my life, they have helped shape my life and my values and how I treat other people but they are not  just me. I am Rosie.

When I was in a very dark time over the last few years one thing which really helped was that my boyfriend and friends still saw me as Rosie, Matt is very good at knowing when  I can get in a flap it's the irrational thinking of anxiety talking, or if it's the my brain thinking in a negative way, he knows sometimes it's out of my control and has been a great help in helping me gain control, but he knows that those irrational thoughts aren't Rosie.

Rosie loves to go shopping, have a few cocktails or share at a bottle of wine, loves travelling around the UK seeing different cities, towns and cultures,  loves being creative, do charity work is fascinated by animals and always be a dog lover and feels at home in an arena when the lights go down and the audience screams for the act. I like to think I'm a good friend, and have a very easily amused sense of humour. There's so much I want to do and see and achieve.

The thing that hurts me the most is when people treat me as if I’m a child or stupid just because I’m different sometimes it feels like this overwhelming need I have to prove myself to others and what I can do. Sometimes it can feel like having a different way of thinking that nothing is expected of you. But different ways of thinking, and disabilities need be seen differently

 Now I’m not saying that everyone should like me, far from it. I’m saying that people should like or dislike me based on who I am not just simply on the fact I have dyspraxia/dyslexia/anxiety. Please don’t judge me on the one thing I have no control over. There is so much more to a person than their different way of thinking, disability or mental illness they had no choice over getting. Describe people by their talents, their personality traits or achievements.  and don't make someone' struggles the only descriptive thing that you say about someone. There is so much more to someone than their labels.

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