Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Encourage escapism

We all need to at some point in life escape, I'm currently writing this blog after a busy day seeing various landmarks in Barcelona, it feels lovely to get away and explore a different country and culture despite my initial fear of the unknown.

I think it's so important that we encourage others to escape however they wish to and not make judgements. I've noticed quite a few parents saying their child was being judged for escaping by doing or liking things which their peers might not be. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors and how much a bit of escapism might help someone. It might be listening to music or even wanting to meet a celebrity, spending time with pets, a specific hobby or interest. In my last blog I discussed about emotional sensitivity and how much of an impact it can have on someone with a hidden difference or disability, escapism can sometimes be crucial as often someone is frustrated by their body and brain not doing what it's told, how lack of public knowledge  and ignorance on hidden differences such as dyspraxia can influence people and the overwhelming effects of anxiety.

Some of the interests I've had throughout my life have never been typical for someone my age, I've been judged for them, had people question why I would look up to a celebrity and people assume that my choices of escapism would have a detrimental impact on my life. How wrong could that last statement be. For children who struggle academically or in other aspects of life, finding an escapism can help them find something they are good at, increase self worth and confidence and even have a positive impact on other areas of their lives as that level of new found confidence can spur them on to tackle other challenges in life.

My friend Hannah wrote a blog about football being more than just a game which can be found here, to tomorrow me and my boyfriend are visiting the Nou Camp stadium home to Barcelona football club, to Matt football is a huge escapism in his life, a huge Arsenal fan (an equally huge pop music fan) and as someone who doesn't find things the easiest in life sometimes, I see how happy it makes him. A few months ago we saw the Backstreet Boys at an intimate concert he couldn't stop smiling for days, maybe not a typical interest for a man in his early 30's but I know it makes him happy and gives him a confidence boost. Just as for me meeting Mollie gives me a boost. This year he will be running 4 10k's to raise awareness of 2 charities close to his heart diabetes UK and dyspraxia foundation, fundraising and raising awareness will be always something as a couple we find an escape in.

Living with a hidden difference can be chaotic for everyone involved, in my speech I give I always say it's the ups, the downs, the chaos and of course the creativity. When you see the world in a different way it can be overwhelming and escapism can help a little bit and give us confidence to explore the positives of a different way of thinking.

Sometimes we just need to put ourselves in others shoes, there will always be battles we go through which never make social media the ones nobody knows, but we can always have a non judgemental attitude. If something or someone makes someone happy then that's the main thing, spread happiness and kindness.

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