Monday, 26 October 2015


As a lot of my blogs have been focusing a lot on raising awareness recently I thought I would do a more general blog but nevertheless about an issue very close to me-acceptance. In my blogs I talk a lot about understanding, but as valuable as understanding is what many people want is acceptance for who they are.  As you are reading this blog my blog will have reached 70,000 views which is such an achievement for me, and I just want to say a huge thank you for taking the time to take a read it means a lot to me.

In life there will always be things we have no control about having, whether it be a learning difficulty or disability, a mental illness, medical condition, sexuality to name a few, or just the little things which make us who we are, the music we like, our hobbies and interests to what food and drink we like,  they are things which we don't choose to have. I get so many messages from friends saying "but why can't I be normal?" To me there is no such thing as normal we are all unique in our own way. However the journey of self acceptance can be quite a difficult one which I'm on myself. Accepting my dyspraxia has been a long journey as has the associated mental  health difficulties which has come with it. But the journey of accepting the dyslexic side of things has been less so, I put that down to dyslexia being more recognised in society.

As mentioned in a lot of my blogs growing up I was very self conscious about being different and standing out and how dyspraxia could just appear from no where in the most embarrassing of situations which the latter still happens today but having understanding people around me like my boyfriend makes things easier.

It meant I was prone and still am prone to beating myself up, often over things which I have no control over. I've always struggled with my confidence and self esteem and know that that is a huge factor in my anxiety other mental health issues and experiences of bullying left me feeling very negative about myself and myself worth. But also determined to help others feel accepted and not feel alone in what they're going through.

But gradually over time I am learning to accept dyspraxia as a part of me and it's going to be a part of me for life. It might cause chaos, day to day tasks more tricky and  make me struggle in social situations, and make life more overwhelming  sometimes but it's part of who I am there nothing I can do about it. A few years ago I pretended not to have dyspraxia and the end result was disastrous and a lot more chaotic and I realised by the it was doing me more harm then good by hiding it. I've also found the strengths which have come from my experiences, being dyspaxic has made me very accepting and understanding of others and see the bigger picture when it comes to others and think outside of the box. Which I'm able to use in day to day life and in my job as a learning support.

Even though I am still on that journey myself I'm a lot further on than I was when I started this blog and I've realised for other people to accept you at first you need to accept yourself. I've also began to stop beating myself up as much and accept that nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, we all have strengths and weaknesses just some of us have a label or a few labels to explain it.

Having acceptance from the people around you can also have a huge impact on confidence and self esteem. Nobody can fully understand 100% what someone is going through apart from the person themselves and there will always be things others will never get, but to accept someone for who they are, what they enjoy in life can be so beneficial to someone. By acceptance someone for who they are and who they are as a person you at are helping them on their own journey of self acceptance. Whilst you might never understand everything, ask why, try and find out more don't make assumptions.

Difference is nothing to be scared of and the world would be such a boring place if we were all the same, but if there was a little bit more acceptance there would be a knock on effect on happiness. Thank you again for helping me spread the word a little bit more by reading these blogs.

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