Saturday, 29 April 2017

Breaking things down

Hello everyone, this blog is about something really important to me, which people often come
 to me for advice about. Due to my anxiety disorder, the thought of having to face or do a lot at once, whether it was uni work, work or general day to day life, has always been really overwhelming for me. I need to build up to face challenges and break them down into smaller manageable
steps. Given the overwhelming nature of anxiety and the irrational thoughts and worries which come with it, to break things down in the moment can be tricky. It can be hard explaining  to others situations you might find the little things more challenging, and that you need to do things more slowly. But everyone is different, and it takes time to find out what works or helps you.

Alongside anxiety I am dyspraxic/dyslexic, whilst not every dyspraxic has mental health issues alongside their difficulties many have processing difficultie, and my brain processes information slower: this could be taking it in, completing day to day tasks, following instructions, reading, writing or processing the world around me. Which means to learn a new task, complete a piece of work or face something more challenging, it means my brain has to work that bit harder and needs more time to be able to do this. Organising myself in time, distance and space has never come easy for me either.

I've always struggled a lot with confidence and self esteem  alongside anxiety. It can be easy to doubt yourself and compare yourself to others.
 I hope in time this improves for me through therapy. Be patient that someone might need need to do something at a slower pace. It's so easy to assume they aren't trying hard enough or being slow and lazy.

Next week I am honoured to have been invited to Parliament to talk about my experiences of having dyspraxia and an anxiety disorder in the workplace. It's going to be a real  challenge for me social anxiety wise but I hope it might help to inform employers what things might help those with a difficulty or mental health condition at work. I also hope to turn my experiences into a positive one by helping others.

For those who may relate to this blog:  you are never alone and I hope by reading this blog I hope it makes you feel it's not just you being you.
Your hard work, effort and perseverance will pay off, keep going.
You're stronger than you think.

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