Tuesday, 10 October 2017

World Mental Health Day 2017

Hello everyone, October 10th is World Mental Health day. An issue which affects so many of us and our loved ones. Up to 1:4 of  us will struggle with our mental health at any time. I didn't want to repeat myself from previous blogs so I think this one will be quite a short one!

Even though for many people talking isn't easy. I've always been someone who has bottled up how I feel and my emotions and never found opening up or talking about my anxiety or low mood easy, through fear of judgement or bothering others. I'm grateful to  some of the people in my life who have allowed me to open up a little more and I've found writing this blog therapeutic.

It's ok to talk and it's important to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and those who suffer from it. The more we talk about  issues such as mental health and invisible difficulties and disabilities, the less isolated people may feel. This week is also dyspraxia awareness week.  Most importantly take the time to listen, just having someone who listens can mean so much to someone.

You never know who may be struggling with mental health or with any issue invisible to the eye. Always be kind.

Everyone is different and finds different ways help, there is no one size fits all approach. Go at your own pace. But you're a lot stronger than your mind is telling you at times.

Until next time....

This week is al


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