Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Opening Up

I was having a talk to one of my friends last night about how hard I find it to open up in real life about my diffcultys and how much easier it is online. Online I'm quite open have helped Mollie win her dyslexia award and things like that. It's not out of embarrasment or being ashamed of having them I suppose I just get scared people won't understand or will look at me like what you on about. Past experiences of people not being understanding probably haven't helped. I think a lot of people with mental health issues feel the same. I think party because they're hidden conditions nobody can see you have them to the outside world you look completely able bodied. Also I think it's because you never hear conditons talked about like dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism also mental health difficulties, and it's like how do you bring things up into conversations you can't be like "im dyspraxic wooop woop de woop." I think Frankie from The Saturdays is doing an amazing job helping people open up about mental health issues, what an inspiring lady she is. I hear lots of people talking about any medical trouble like if they've had migrane or allergies and things like that. I'd love it if I heard people saying im having a bad spelling day, or my memory has gone to pot today or im having a really clumsy day today watch the breakables, or I'm having a down day etc so many things you could add to that. As no matter what you achive academically or how much you've overcome a condition you will always have good and bad days, that's not letting the condition/s hold you back that's just fact especially made worse under stress or tiredness or a combination of both. At the moment I have told one person at my work, thanks to the advice mollie gave me, hopefully in time ill grow in confidence to tell more people and talk about some other issues ive ben going through and I hope anyone reading this blog can do the same, be brave talk to people you never know who may be going through what you are, it's surprizing how many people will be.

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