Tuesday, 5 February 2013


People don't realise the power of words and how they can have a positive or very negative affect on somebody's confidence or day.
One positive comment can make someone's day and stay with them for ages.
Just as, one insult can make someone feel like pants and stay with them for ages too.
Remember words can be forgiven but never forgotten.
On the other hand letting someone know you love them, or showing you care, a little bit of praise and admiration goes a long way, especially if someone is struggling with their confidence in something.
I know myself not being a very confident person that when someone I love, or just someone in general says something to bring my confidence up in a certain subject it makes me feel a million times better.
I also know how much a little negativity can damage someone’s confidence all together.
In my job I always try and praise them as much as possible and make them feel better about themselves either verbally or by using things like stickers. In this job you have no idea what may be going on at home or children with special needs can often be sceptical to having low self esteem/confidence from bad experiences or feeling different to their peers, so the use of words can be very important.
Next time you're about to say something negative about someone have a think, will it have a negative consequence on someones day or can it be phrased in a better way. Sometimes people do need to be told honesty, sometimes not in a good way but the way it is said can have a big impact on somebody's day.

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