Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Talking does help

It's been a while since my last blog post, I hope you're all well and settled back at school/work/college (delete as appropriate.) I decided to write this blog as I have a lot of people come to me for help and advice often younger people and something which always comes up is that people are scared to talk about something bothering them, they're often scared to be labelled as attention seekers but mainly that people won't understand. Whether this might be a general issue or a slightly deeper issue, such as a mental health condition or a learning issue and that's something as many of you who know me personally know is something which I've struggled with a lot. I started back at work a few weeks ago after a 6 week break and in all honesty I was dreading it as the last year at work had a major detrimental effect on my mental health. Over the summer with proper help and supportive friends and family I started to feel a little better. This is something I know which won't happen over night and will take a while as different situations/ environments can change how you feel. At the beginning of the summer me and my boyfriend Matt completed a 5 mile run in aid of the Dyspraxia Foundation and Dyslexia Action two charities very close to my heart. I decided to post the link onto my Facebook wall and I have quite a few people added as friends. Since I started back at work people seem a little more understanding. Which has lead me to the conclusion that the more you talk about things the more people understand. For a lot of people unless they have been effected personally by an issue they probably don't understand much about it. This is why it's so important to keep talking about things and not be ashamed of them. There will always be ignorant people out there who no matter how much either the media or you personally try and talk to them will understand. But then you have to think do I really need these people in my life? But on a much bigger scale the more difference is talked about the more hopefully it will be understood. Time To Change has recently done a huge campaign with Mind charity about people with mental health issues to have the confidence to open up which is an incredible campaign. I think there should be more campaigns like it. If you know or suspect that a friend may be feeling under the weather or is going through a bad patch in life, it really doesn't take two seconds to say "are you ok?" Feeling understood is one of the most comforting feelings, when you finally feel like someone understands your struggles, or tries to see past the issues you may be facing and sees you as a full person it's such an amazing feeling. I hope in a way me writing this blog has helped others especially younger people feel comfortable about opening up. I'd doesn't make you an attention seeker, nor a freak, weirdo, or anything like that. Opening up can lead to having the confidence to have professional help if you need it too. Lots Of Love, Stay Strong xxx

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