Monday, 14 April 2014

Filming and helping others

Firstly I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has read my previous blog posts my blog has had a staggering 10,00 views which is incredible and also very overwhelming. It means so much to me and if my blogs have been helping one person then it's been a job well done and so worthwhile. Since my last blog I've visited the British Dyslexia conference in Guilford where I met some lovely people including Kerry Pace who runs Diverse Learners who is very passionate about what she does and it was so nice for me personally to meet someone older than me who has similar quirks and have a laugh about the many funny things which have happened in the past to us.

I've also been invited to go to Dyslexia Action HQ on Wednesday for two main things, I've been invited to be filmed about my personal experiences which has always been something which as many people who know me we has been something which I've always been really anxious about and had difficulty with but determined to have the confidence to do it and take a stand against my anxiety at the same time. Also I've been asked to talk about someone else I have a lot of love for, Mollie and how she's an inspiration and how she's personally helped me and others. This is to tie in with her becoming an ambassador to the charity. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to talk about someone who I've looked up to and has been an inspiration to me. Hopefully it will go ok and will help some people out there have the confidence to open up and feel positive about their experiences, help others understand them and for people to see a different side to Mollie not just the fashionista who has a love for Britney Spears and an Oasis range out. 

Over the last few years especially over social media there's been quite a lot of negativity surrounding hidden conditions and people being open, there's been a culture as such that openness automatically means attention seeking and wanting self gratification. Hopefully by doing this filming it can help and shoe people that openness doesn't necessarily have to be a negative thing it can be a very positive thing to help others understand how the human brain works and can empower people to develop coping strategies and seek help. Also that having a role model or someone who you look up to either in the public eye or maybe a family member or friend can be a really positive thing, a lot of people see it as cringy or embarrassing but I'm sure the people themselves love to hear how they've made a positive impact on somebody's life. 

Due to ignorance and lack of understanding I've personally ended up in some dark places in life and coped in ways which I'm not proud of but these experiences have made me a lot stronger and I like to think an understanding and empathetic person. Hopefully in someway as my tummy churns with anxiety and the little voice of self doubt niggles away what I do on Wednesday will help others as I started this blog if it helps one person than it's all worthwhile.


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