Saturday, 7 June 2014

Making hidden conditions visiable

Hello, firstly thank you so so much for all the positivity all
your comments and views means so much to me.

This blog focuses on hidden conditions whether they be learning issues or maybe mental health issues or medical needs and how there still is so much limited undertanding and awaeness about hidden conditions and how they effect people and also the positives associated with them.

I often wonder had my difficulties been more visible would I have more understanding,
Would I still have felt so anxious about opening up about these? To look at people with a hidden condition look like everybody else you can't tell what someone struggling with or how they're feeling,  because someone looks ok and there isn't something visable there to describe what someone is struggling with often issues aren't taken seriously and people are told that they're careless or lazy or don't care or should simply should get on with it and there's a lot worse others struggling out there. The amount of times I've been in public and I've been clumsy (many many a time) or
My spacial awareness has been all over the place
Or my spelling or handwriting hasn't been wonderful and I've had looks or in forgiven glances like why are you being so stupid or careless.
But when your brain and body want to totally differnt things. Whether this be with writing and spelling or reading or clumsiness and spacial awarenss. It can be quite difficult especially when someone doesn't have similar difficulties to explain what is happening and sometimes no matter what coping strategies someone has things happen, it can often lead to ignorance or misunderstanding.
The same comes to mental health issues because someone appears ok people don't understand why someone could feel down or sad or anxious or panicy. For me personally this is why I think hidden conditions need to be talked about more not in an attention seeking or a poor me way but in a these are real challenges and difficulties and positivities which need to be taken seriously especially with younger generations and children the more children are aware of the hidden conditions their friends or family might be struggling with the more they can try and help and undertand and it's like a domino effect. If we all try and break down stigma and have the confidence to talk
About difference then maybe it will start to open peoples eyes and make them more aware.
If you're reading this blog and personally don't struggle with a hidden condition in some point in life you will probably meet someone maybe they appear a bit quirky, or you don't understand why they do things the way they do, but undertanding and empathy even if the tiniest amount can go a long long way.

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