Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Little steps can lead to big steps

Firstly thank you so much to everyone who has been reading Matt's blog before this one he's overwhelmed with the positive response so far.

The focus on my next blog is how taking little steps forward and being proud of those little steps can lead to bigger steps- it all adds up. Sometimes it's easy to compare ourselves to others who may find the little things really easy and let it damage our self worth, but often it's those little steps which are the most taken for granted, and can lead to much better things. Often we only praise our self when we reach the main goal or aim, sometimes the end result can seem daunting and overwhelming. I was talking to my friend yesterday on how especially if you struggle thinking positively it's so easy to think of the things which have gone wrong or what you might think you've messed up. Negatively beating myself up and over thinking is something which I can be quite prone to myself which can lead to a downwards spiral, but recently I've started focusing on the little things and overcoming little things can boost self esteem and confidence to try and tackle more difficult and overwhelming tasks. When you struggle with a hidden condition or mental health issue everything can seem like your head is full of spaghetti at times. To those who aren't familiar with the feeling it's like if you put a ball of spaghetti in your head, through a blender a few times and then tried to untangle each wire.
Smaller steps are more likely to be maintained, and lead to longer term wellbeing which can be applied throughout life. I was talking to another friend who has a job interview at the weekend on how we all have to start from somewhere and building up experience in smaller jobs can lead to bigger jobs later in life, it's all about putting the little pieces of the jigsaw together. You just need to tell yourself your worth and deserve all of these little things. Wanting to feel better about yourself or wanting to make a change can be one of the first but vital little steps you can make.

The second is realising you might need more help or support, whether it be with learning, a mental health issue or any other issue, making an appointment is the scariest and bravest things, sometimes it's easy to think that problems can go away by themselves, sometimes they can but sometimes getting help is one of the best things you can do. I was terrified to seek help, I put it off for years, but I am so glad I managed to do it. Talk to a friend or a relative you trust maybe they can go with you, if not ask them to send you little motivational texts. If you can see someone you know who might be struggling, maybe they've been feeling low or highly anxious, or you think they might be struggling with an additional need such as dyslexia or dyspraxia (sadly everyone doesn't get identified when at school college or uni especially dyspraxia) you can be the first person who is the beginning of their journey. Learning differences and mental health issues are NOTHING to be ashamed of up to 1:5 of us will struggle with our mental health in life, and in a class of 30 children  5 will have some kind of hidden condition. The little things are what really make a difference, whether it's a simple text just saying "how are you?" a tweet with a heart, meeting up for a drink or a meal. As these conditions are all hidden you never know what someone could be struggling with.

I thought I would give a few suggestions of a few little steps which you could maybe try to make yourself feel better. Again break these down into more manageable chunks if needs be.

Little steps for dyspraxia and dyslexia ( or others who might need it)

  • Write little lists (or lists on your phone) to help you be organised, good organisation can make you feel a little calmer, these lists can be as simple as you like, for children try pictorial lists.
  • Use assisrtive technology to help with written work and you can have it downloaded on your phone too.
  • Plan in advance where you want to go at the beginning of the week
  • get your bag ready work/school/college the night before and choose the clothes you want to wear for the next day.
  • Praise yourself for personal small goals and reward yourself for those goals
  • don't be scared to ask for help
  • smile, laugh and see the funny side
Little steps for anxiety/ depression/ low self esteem & confidence (or those it might need to)

  • Write a self care plan for yourself and break it down into little steps
  • do something for you each day which makes you happy or smile
  •  have a nap
  • take a dog for a walk or spend time with a pet
  •  do something creative
  •  do a little thing which scares you and build these up
  •  be really proud of yourself for overcoming the little things and treat yourself you deserve it
  •  if you struggle with self harm again focus on little things to make you feel better about yourself, don't feel pressurised into having to doing a lot too soon, do it in your own time, you are worth so much more than hurting yourself.
  •  If you're having a really bad day praise yourself for even the basics of the day.
  • Talk to someone instead of sending an email
  • Speak to someone new
  •  Go for a walk at lunchtime
  • Have a ‘clear the clutter’ day
  •  have a positivity wall or box
  • write something positive about yourself every day (easier said than done I know) or ask a friend to say something which is positive about you.
  •  do something which scares you

  • Until next time...

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