Friday, 10 April 2015

Dyspraxia and self care part 2- You Are Worthy

Sometimes we often feel like we're not worthy of help and support we feel like other people have it so much worse than us. I have often found myself feeling like that I loose my confidence in myself so easily, and in the past I've neglected my own feelings. One thing I've found from spending time on the Dyspraxia Adult Facebook page and twitter in general is how many people struggle with confidence and self belief about themselves. I know this isn't a solely dyspraxia/dyslexia thing and so many people can feel like this too. With the Dyspraxia Foundation Youth we are hoping to launch some leaflets covering what young people and teenagers with dyspraxia may need and one of them which has been a stand out to do so far is mental wellbeing. I'm the kind of person who hates letting people down, who doesn't want to let things hold me back in life, I feel very guilty if I think I've upset someone else. But my need to make others happy means I forget to look after Rosie and can lead to burn outs and I've noticed when I get burnout my dyspraxia gets 10x worse think burning yourself on straighteners, breaking a new necklace, falling over many objects, and generally feeling chaotic (I'm sure you'll all know what I mean), let's just say today is another day and I hope if you had a day like mine was today is another day too, take a deep breath no matter if you’re on cloud 9, rock bottom, or just okay, you are worthy. It's important we start these young and children with differences in thinking and of course everyone is told what they can do.

You are worthy of:
  • Life
  • Help
  • Support
  • Nourishment
  • Love
Just because you feel like someone is struggling more than you in life whether it be academically or emotionally or generally in life, doesn’t diminish your worthiness of reaching out. If  you feel like things are getting worse and you would benefit from extra support then you deserve to reach out. I know that can be a really really hard thing to do, but trust me, the long term effects can be so worth it. I know dyspraxia support isn't easy to get, nor dyslexia support but please take care of your emotional well being and can have a knock on effect on your dyspraxia/dyslexia, they all end up interlinked some how and your confidence can have a knock on effect on your day to day life.

Every single persons experiences are different, there are no ‘set’ feelings that you must experience to become worthy of help. People’s symptoms and personal experiences are so diverse that they should never be compared. It’s not right and that includes if you feel your mental well being is struggling as well as your dyspraxia.

You are important
You are worthy
You are amazing and it doesn't matter if you're brain is wired differently than others.
It's your journey not anyone else live your life for you.

Never tell yourself anything different! Help is available, you deserve to look after yourself. Enjoy the sunshine!!

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