Friday, 15 May 2015

Overcoming Obstacles

Continuing on from the last blog about finding people who "get it" it's made me reflect on how much life has changed and from finding people who "get it" has allowed me to overcome obstacles in day to day life, in my working life and within myself and how I'm now in a position to help other people who may be experiencing similar.

Dyspraxia/dyslexia will always make things a challenge, it always has and it always will be, but it doesn't mean things have to be impossible. Growing up at school and later in life, I got told I would never be able to achieve much, that I wouldn't be able to hold down a job or get far in life. Those negative assumptions made about me were wrong and I have a good job which I love, and academically achieved a masters degree. All the negativity and ignorance I've faced has made me determined to prove people wrong, get far in life and change a negative into a positive. To show to others that there's more to Rosie than my labels and to aim high.

The things which I've been most proud of overcoming are the little things which many take for granted, like being able to cross a busy city road, being able to organise my life or being able to direct myself to work without getting lost. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to go on the tube to work on a daily basis, it isn't easy but instead of getting into a flap when things go wrong I have strategies to help me. Before I left to move to London my mum was noticeably worried as mum's do on how would I cope in such a busy city and be aware of myself and my surroundings, whilst not loosing myself or any objects on me. Whilst it has been difficult I'm proud of how I've coped, I'm able to live independently but have an amazing boyfriend who constantly gives me support and guidance. I'm very grateful to my mum for teaching me the basics which most people can do naturally like be able to use an iron, or chop food without chopping your fingers off, or clean and make sure it looks like you've done a good job. Whilst I'm still not perfect at doing these at all and it takes me 10x longer to be able to do them to a good standard, I have strategies to help me cope again my strategies to anyone else probably look quite interesting, but it's my way of doing things. Dypraxic people like to take the scenic route in life.

But the biggest obstacle I've had to face is within myself, believing in myself and having confidence in myself and my abilities. Realising I deserved positive coping strategies instead of self destructive ones. It will probably always be my biggest obstacle and is always a work in progress for me, but slowly I am on the journey of being more positive about myself and how I see myself and showing myself kindness which I was ever so willing to show to other people but never would give to myself. I was constantly beating myself up, over thinking and worrying about everything I could possibly do wrong. But I'm proud of myself for how far I've come on that journey and grateful to the people I've had around me. Realising you're worthy of love and help is the first step to feeling better.

Overcoming these obstacles has given me so much understanding which I can transfer into my job and to other people who may need. I can give others understanding of their difficulties but also encouragement to overcome them. When you know that people have made the time to have an understanding of you, it improves self esteem, confidence and the ability to develop strategies. Time and patience can go along way in supporting a dyspraxic/dyslexic person.

To anyone who may be struggling in life time is a healer and with the right help, support and understanding anything is possible.

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