Friday, 30 December 2016

We're All Mad Here Book Review

This is a bit delayed in posting, but it's something which I knew I needed to take my time on as I really wanted to give the book justice.

Over the last year or so I have been in contact with a lovely fellow blogger called Claire Eastman, who blogs about her own experiences of social anxiety and anxiety. She recently got the chance to have a book published about these experiences, to help others not feel so alone like she once did.

Throughout reading the book I could relate to my own anxiety and social anxiety experiences, and found myself thinking in my head "me too." When you struggle with anxiety it can be very difficult to understand it, to understand why you might be struggling with physical symptoms or having lots of worries. It can be easy to keep it to yourself, and think it’s just you being you. 

For many years I had no idea what I was struggling was anxiety nor social anxiety and kept it hidden for many years whilst being struggling so badly with it. I talked about this more in the blog which I wrote for Time To Change Time To Talk Day earlier in the year

As well as the book being relatable it also gives advice on how to get help if you're struggling with anxiety and the different options of help which are out there, all in a very easy to read format. It helped me understand my anxiety a bit more and feel less alone. It empowers you to want to help yourself as Claire gives you hope from her own experiences that although a continuous journey, there is help out there and strategies to help manage anxiety. Which left me feeling hopeful and something to use alongside the help I'm receiving that one day I'll be able to manage mine too.

On Saturday 19th November I attended the book launch where I got to meet the lovely Claire herself and some of the other Talk Mental Health bloggers. Naturally I felt quite anxious beforehand but was put at ease by how lovely and understanding everyone was. It was also lovely to talk about the links between anxiety and dyspraxia and help get some awareness and understanding out there. 

This book has a reassuring theme of "you'll be ok"  throughout it and to "keep going", whilst not taking away the honesty of a very real disorder. Thank you Claire and this book is something I really recommend if you or a loved one struggles with anxiety.  For more information about the book:

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