Saturday, 25 January 2014

How To be Happier in January

January is the time when we all start to feel a bit down the excitement of Christmas and new year has passed and the weather is really rubbish outside so I thought I'd write a blog how to help people feel happier at times like this. Some of us find it harder to be more positive what ever the time of year but I thought I'd give some tips that might help people's emotional well being and times like this more bearable hope it helps some of you,

1. Talk to people, it's often the thing that so many of us find the hardest because we don't want to bother people or be a burden on them but talking really does help to get things off your mind and feel relaxed. A little simple chat with a family member or friend can give you that little pick me  which can give you that boost in your day. Don't be scared to open up people understand more than you think.

2. Treat yourself, doesn't have to be something expensive or cost any money at all but take some time out for you maybe buy some new make up or clothes or some new bath stuff so you can have a long soak. Or just have time out with a film munchies or music and maybe a glass of wine and chill out , turn the phone off, I pad or laptop off and just relax.

3. Go for a walk, I'm lucky that I have a dog who loves being walked all day or night if he could but even if you don't just getting out there and having some fresh air and letting your brain unwind really helps.

4. Write a blog, I've been blogging for over a year or so now and it's a really good way to express your views on issues that you're passionate about and I'm rally grateful for all the positive feedback I've had so far thank you so much it.

5. Write a list of all the positive things about you and the things you're grateful for, some of you reading this might think but there's not much positive about me I'm xyz, but have a deep think maybe you're a really good listener or always making people laugh or have fab hair or eyes write all of these down and all the things you're grateful for and stick it on a place where you're likely to see it maybe next to your bed or on your mirror then you can see it every day.

6. Find some positive quotes or inspiration, I'm loving Demi lovato's book ATM I love all the positive quotes every day and the little positive paragraph to go with it and would really really reccomend it. We all are inspired by someone or something everyone relates to people in slightly different ways. What I find helps is to write down the quotes of the person you look up to or maybe read an interview  or video which they've done to help give you strength and positivity and make you smile a bit. I think  I must know mollie kings dyslexia action video word perfect now I've watched it so many times to be inspired. Never let someone judge who you're inspired by too a lot of people never got why I was inspired by mollie. But never let what others think effect how you look up to people.

I hope it helps people be a bit more positive please let me know any feedback lots of love to all.

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