Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to blog (step by step)

Hello lovely people I hope you are well?

Last weekend I was asked to give a short presentation about blogging, it was really nerve wracking  as social situations aren't something I find easy and it was a challenge but I  pushed through the anxiety. After taking a few days to recover (anxiety can be exhausting)  and the conferences themselves are always in general quite a full on day, very  informative and helpful but tiring too. I thought afterwards, that I would write a blog with the main points of my presentation for anyone interested writing a blog. Especially for those like myself who may have social anxiety or just simply find social situations/confidence difficult. I would also like to thank everyone who attended the Dyspraxia Foundation conference youth conference last weekend. I'm grateful for your patience and understanding it meant a lot to me, and hope what I said might help others in some way. Talking about my experiences will never come easy as I've lived through quite a bit in life and by speaking about some of those life experiences, anxiety/ mental health and also dyspraxia it might stop others going through what I have and help others not feel alone. Hopefully in time social situations/anxiety and confidence will become easier for me, but finding them difficult has made me have empathy for others. Blogging has given me a voice which I'm always grateful for.

1. So how do you blog?
  • There's no set way to blog, everyone is different with their own story and life experiences.
2. Why blog?
  • It can help give you a voice especially if you have social anxiety
  • It can help raise awareness and understanding
  • It can help you connect with others
  • It can be therapeutic and get thoughts out of your head
  • Making a difference and helping others feel less alone
3. What to blog about?
  • Awareness
  • Day to day life, the ups, downs and everything in between 
  • What people may not know about the difficulties you might face
  • Passions/interests
  • What it's like living life differently/not how society expects you to - I have always been 10 steps behind people my own age.
  • What empowers you
  • What floats your boat
  • Important not to sugarcoat
4. What website to set up a blog?
  • BlogSpot
  • Wordpress
5. Then what?
  • There are options where you can change the design you want
  • Create a title
  • Photos or images can break up a blog
6. What if getting ideas down is hard?
  • Assistive technology such as Read Write Gold can be helpful
7.  What I feel anxious/lack confidence in sharing?
  • Share as much as you feel comfortable with
  • Share with people who you know understand you
  • Remember internet safety and be careful who you share with
  • I experienced a not very nice catfishing experience which I wouldn't want others to go through 
8.  What I keep looking at other people's blogs and then lack confidence?
  • It's easy to compare yourself to others we all do it (it's something I've found difficult.)
  • We are all different and on our own journey in life and face our own challenges and focus on being the best version of you. 
  • I'm sure there's lots of lovely things about you! It's easy to be too hard on yourself, I know self esteem is something I've always struggled with.
  • Follow your own advice ( I need to remind myself of too!)
  • But remind yourself why you blog and enjoy it!
Until next time.....

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