Friday, 9 May 2014

Focus on the positives not the negatives

Firstly thank you so so much for all your blog views so far,  over 16,000 so far which is incredible. Sometimes in life it's easy to focus on the negative atributes to a person maybe they do something that really winds you up or bugs you. When someone has a hidden condition which they struggle with or even a visible condition too far too often it's easy to focus on something that they struggle with, these could effect someone in a minor way maybe now and again or under pressure or stress, or maybe on a daily basis. Often if you have no experience or understanding of an issue if it doesn't effect you, it can be quite easy to judge or assume what it's like to have that specific condition(s.) It's easy to look at a text book or look  at a website and see a list of symtoms or critera it's easy to be oh someone must struggle with x,yz they fit a specific profile.

Often and most importantly the positives associated with these battles are lost and forgotten about, often the best help and support is a little bit of understanding and empathy, empathy goes a very long way. For most people their brains are having to work 10x harder to achive the same results as everyone else around them. They posess a steely determination to not let difficulties hold them back in life and achive their goals and the sense of achievement and pride and the genuine smile of happiness. Everyone has hurdles they want to jump over in life but the world around attitude can help someone literally sink or swim. 1 in 5 people at sometime in life will experience a mental health issue, many many more will struggle with confidence and self esteem issues. An undertanding attitude and the ability to see the whole picture of a person negativities and all will at least help the minimise the chances of the latter happening. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same, embrace differences and the impact on future generations, the workplace and the world we live in will be incredible. Build someone up not down in turn you'll be building yourself up too.

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  1. Couldn't agree more about having to work 10 X harder to achieve the same result


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