Monday, 15 June 2015

Why every call really matters

Last week British Dyslexia Association launched their phone line appeal which has been launched in response to the significant increase in enquiries they have experienced to date this year. At the current rate of call they anticipate receiving over 18,000 requests for help this year. This represents a 50% increase in demand.

I thought I would write a blog to explain from my personal perspective and experiences why every call matters and why Every £5 donation answers another call changes a life. Also one of my favourite people Mollie King has backed and supported the appeal- so a blog had to be written.

One of the biggest wrong assumptions I've heard growing up is that people with dyslexia/dyspraxia automatically get support and it's really easy to get help and support, but the reality for so many young people, adults and parents is that it's far from easy- it's actually a really huge battle.

Living in a world and society which doesn't meet your or your child's needs is a very isolating and lonely world, it can feel like you're a square peg trying to get in a round hole and can have such a determental effect on confidence, self esteem and wellbeing, it can make you feel stupid, worthless and that you have nothing much to give as society favours the things which you can struggle with and not praise the things which you're really good at such as: creativity and a different way of thinking. A lot of people with dyspraxia/dyslexia never see how amazing their brains are and what potential they have to be sucessful. It took me to the age of 27 to realise I had that potential and that I could give so much back, but it has always been an upheavel struggle.

My mum got told when I was a little girl that she was an over protective/anxious parent and that I was too clever to recieve help even though I struggled with the basic day to day tasks most take for granted and was being bullied because I was different to my peers. My mum felt isolated and alone and had nobody she could turn to as awarness where I live back at home always was and always has been shocking, it was a constant battle for her to get me the extra help and support I needed and for the teachers at school to see what potential I had to give. But luckily she came across The Dyspraxia Foundation and dyslexia charities and was able to talk to people who got it, understood her and understood me. These helplines are literally a life line to so many parents and young people and can make a huge difference, just to speak to someone who undrstands.

Sadly awareness for dyslexia/dyspraxia varies from town to town and in a lot of cases from school to school in a town, in some schools awareness is amazing but in some like some of the schools I've worked in it's been absolutley abismal and still in the olden days ripe with ignorance. To those with little understanding of dyslexia/dyspraxia a lot assume that there is an automacy in getting help and support. Then of course is the emotional difficulties so many children and young people go through and into adulthood and the impact it has on mental health. These helplines can help point people in the right direction where to go, how to access help and support and have a good knowledge themselves in what is covered.

In the Crowdfunder film you will see Olivia Loder (BDA young ambassdor- and recently followed on twitter by the lovely Mollie herself) and her dad Tim share their story and battle to get Olivia support and how Olivia is a huge inspiration to so many young people who have dyslexia, Jo Crawford another BDA ambassador and Julie who talks about her daughter Josie the film can be found here:

I was also very happy and excited to see Mollie King getting involved too alongside Everton footballer Steven Naismith, Mollie as many of you know is such an inspiration and role model to me and I know a lot of young people with dyslexia will also be inspired by her positivity and determination to not let dyslexia hold her back in life, and how she uses her status to raise awareness.
Mollie's film can be found:

To get involved in the crowdfunder appeal:
Also Dyspraxia Foundation helpline can be contated: 01462 454986 or download a poster from their website

These helplines are a life line for so many people just like my family, by donating you really are making a difference.

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