Thursday, 27 August 2015

A different way of thinking

If you look all around you, you will see so many people who each will think in a completely  different way and see the world differently- amazing! For people with a hidden difference, because of the different way our brains our wired, we process information differently, we learn in a different way, and the way we approach day to day life and the tasks involved with that, as dyspraxia effects so much of the skills involved in day to day life.

I thought it would be a good idea to write this blog before everyone goes back or starts school/college/uni/work after the summer holidays to raise some awareness of different ways of thinking and the importance of getting the right help and support with this and of course the many strengths of a different way of seeing the world.

Growing up for me dyslexia was seen as just someone having trouble with reading and spelling, dyspraxia was unheard of, at a push seen as clumsiness, or seen as the same as dyslexia ( one of the  biggest misconception about dyspraxia is that it's the same, yes there are overlaps and people may have both like me, but they are not the same.) There was nothing mentioned at all about a different way of thinking or wiring, I just thought I was being accident prone, clumsy Rosie. Sometimes it can seem like society ignores a different way of thinking completely, and if you think in a different way it is wrong. For me and my mum it was/has been such a battle as I've mentioned a lot in my blogs to get me the help, support and understanding I needed and to be listened to.

There has been many situations where my different way of approaching tasks, the length of time it took me to carry out tasks, or the struggles I had with these tasks was "wrong" and I needed to "try harder" or "speed up" or "stop being so careless" or I was treated like I was stupid. I see so many people who have experienced bullying because of their differences and it makes me feel so sad that this still happens, nobody deserves  ignorance and ignorant attitudes.  It can be quite isolating when you think in a different way at times, I've often been the only one who has in so many situations in life. On Tuesday I met up with good friend Julie from DigiT and fellow dyspraic & dyslexic blogger Hannah @dyspraxichick it was so lovely to talk through the ups, the downs, the chaos and the creativity and with people who "get it."

That's why it's so important that people can access the right help and support to help them, whether it be a different teaching style, access to specific tutoring or support like occupational therapy, equipment to help with day to day tasks, or specialist software or assistive technology whichever work best for your child.  A different way of thinking also means we may be creative, think outside the box- or sometimes like there is is no box, finding different solutions to problems, determined and resilient which I mention a lot in my blogs very passionate about what we believe in and what interest  us, and sensitive, understanding, empathetic souls and it's important that the strengths are recognised so people can focus on something which we enjoy and can get some success in which can boost self esteem and confidence.

It's important that it's not just in education, the way we think is there in every aspect of our lives, from the day to day tasks, to socialising, to how we access social media, it may mean we have different interests to the people we know. It also means we can't suddenly change the way we think, even though we have coping strategies, there may be things we still find difficult. The sooner society understands that we are all different and that it is ok the better. I know there will be a lot of anxious parents and equally anxious children and young people thinking about the weeks ahead, also people who may not be starting a new venture,  but you're never alone, the more we talk about different ways of thinking the more  hopefully others will understand. Wouldn't the world be such a boring place if we were all the same anyway.

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  1. This is really cool. Its great to see an approach to dyspraxia regarding the way we think. So many people just think about the clumsiness. So thankyou you beautiful human. X


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