Friday, 3 November 2017

Anxiety, noise and firworks

Hello everyone, I hope you're well?
As it's approaching bonfire night, I thought I would write a short blog to raise a bit of awareness about anxiety and fireworks.

For some people going to a bonfire with family and friends can be a great time to spend time together, but for others who have anxiety issues surrounding loud and unpredictable noises it can be overwhelming and more challenging. It is well known to keep your pets indoors throughout this time as it can be anxiety inducing for them, but not so much about for us humans. In this day and age fireworks aren't known for just being on 5th of November or New Year's Eve they carry on quite a bit afterward's. I think organised firework displays are a great way to bring communities together and also for some help raise funds for local charitable organisations. But over the years more and more go off on constantly throughout the day and night.

For some people who have anxiety or who are noise sensitive unpredictable loud noises can make them feel on edge, overwhelmed or experience panic attacks. As someone who finds unpredictability with noise a trigger for my anxiety, I can find this time of year overwhelming myself. Anxiety can make me quite a jumpy person in relation to unpredictable situations in general, it makes me feel
on edge and I can feel panicked. It's something I'm still personally working the National Autistic Society has some really helpful information on their website about anxiety, and bonfire night which I thought I would share.

If you do find this time of year more difficult firstly you're not alone, do things your way and if you find the noise itself  difficult there's a whole range of ear plugs and headphones out there.  If you are planning on going to a display plan ahead and maybe stand back from the crowds if you find them a challenge then go closer if you feel more comfortable. If you have a friend or family member who finds fireworks difficult don't judge them, if they experience anxiety or panic attacks in that environment, be patient and calm and understand it might need time. Sometimes finding a safe place away from the situation might help. Also your pets could be in need of extra cuddles, treats and kind words.

Take care of yourselves,
Until next time....

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